Monday, July 11, 2016

There was a mist of sadness that floated over the city of Athenon. 
Athenon was his home town.

He had visited Athenon just a few minutes ago, but that was in his scale of time. For the ordinary mortals of Athenon it was 7 years ago. For him, it was amazing how the city changed its colors n outlook so quickly. 
Suddenly, he fell into a deep chasm of guilt and fear, for, his sixth sense told him that the reason why Athenons were sad was him. It was something that he said or did, but he just couldnt get around to remembering it.

Athenon was where he still had friends. it was his rock of Gibraltor. It was the place where he would always come back to. It was the constant in his equation, the one that he could always rely on. In his trips across multiple galaxies and parallel universes, reality and imagination often used to get melded into a cosmic pot pourri. In the midst of all that chaos, it was the familiar sounds from Athenon that saved the day and helped him keep his sanity and his foot grounded on reality. Athenon was the safe and warm place where he could go hide to escape from the thunderstorm. It reminded him of his child hood, his best friends and loved ones. But now, there was nothing familiar about the place. 

Anxiety started spreading through his brain cells, like a forest fire on a hot dry windy day. It swept through his mind conquering most of his adamant and resilient cellsnumbing the remaining ones. He felt like someone just took his mind and placed it upside in a cocktail shaker and kept shaking.  His started exploding with numb pain. He had to escape. There were no exits from this dark and damp world. It reminded him of the dark green and cold and thick forests of pacific North west. He had to escape, but he kept swirling down into a dark spiral. The more he struggled the stronger the fire of anxiety raged on in his mind. 

At the end of the tunnel there was no light or there was no sign of an end for the endless black hole. He was going through that so fast that he could hear the sounds from the entire universe melded into a single frequency and then all of sudden a familiar sweet sound started flowing into his brain and it started distracting his mind from all the anxiety. It slowed down his pace. He felt the tide turning.

His visions became more and more real. He started receiving emotions from his trips into his senses .
While mammoth hunting with his tribe members, he could feel the smelly breath of the mammoth when he narrowly escaped from its swishing trunk. He could feel the flaps of its wide ears reverberating in his heart.   In another world he was running through the forest, trying to escape from enemy tribe members. He would start wondering if their arrows have any venom. He would feel the searing pain spreading through his shoulder when they eventually find their target. It would trigger his panic cycle again, fueling the anxiety.

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