Saturday, May 26, 2007

Taste of india !

Yesterday, i had lunch with a client at an indian restaurant.
naturally, one topic of discussion was the cultural differences between US and India.
In between Darrell spoke about 50 yrs of his life, how it was to grow up back in the 70s, how he struggled to make ends meet, how he met his wife, how he narrowly escaped from being drafted out to Vietnam and about his son who came back from Iraq a few weeks ago...
On our way back he said.."i think u and me have the same set of goals in life, we all want to have a family, we all want to provide a decent living to our family, we all want to enjoy our lives. i dont care about your nationality, where you come from and shit like that, but i think we all want the same things. If all of us get it, we are all happy campers"
and i said "Darrell, thats a very broadminded thought, but many people dont get it".
he chuckled "yeah, many people dont get it"

good to know someone who doesnt think "the world is US and US is the world"