Friday, July 19, 2013

Lost in Transiition?

Transition is a difficult and weird phase in life, especially from one relationship to another.
What I am going to say will make sense to you only if you have ever had chicken pox in your life.

In the last phase of this virus attack(yeah its a virus , like the one that causes lovearia - Courtesy: SRK in RBGG ), you have blisters all over your body. You are just waiting for the last of them to heal and drop off by themselves. You have a terrible itch to just pluck them off your back, but then that will leave you scarred for a lifetime.So you wait patiently for them to go through the due process of growing bigger, uglier and then finally wither away, so that you can go back into the world as a free man. Thank god for time - for it heals all.!