Sunday, July 25, 2010

one of these days i had a glimpse of heaven... just like that

i was 20,000 ft up in the air...looking out of the window i could see the mighty western ghats covered in a green carpet...the valley was submerged in a huge lake which glistened in the morning rays of sunlight.

Needless to say it was magical...

and i had breakfast in front me, served by a beautiful air hostess...i took a bite and sat back...i looked my beautiful wife ..she had already digged half-way through her breakfast and was working on the rest with religious enthusiasm.

Though, these aren't all the likely ingredients for nirvana, it was a moment of serentiy. i was at peace, with myself and the world. everything felt right or i didnt care about anything?
but i smiled to myself savoring that moment of bliss..

Monday, July 05, 2010

Finally !

I have had a lot of people complaining that there is nothing related to a motorcycle in this blog and that the name of the blog is quite misguiding
So here is a tiny effort to win back some of the lost good will :)

That's my first motorcycle..