Thursday, August 23, 2012

Keep Walking !!

There is something about walking !. Something nostalgic. Something that shows a higher sense of purpose. Something that portrays the protagonist as no ordinary human. Remember Gandhiji's great walk to Dandi. They say that  if you need something badly, you would climb mountains and swim across oceans for it. In cinematic language, this often gets loosely translated as 'Walking/Running' long distances.

Think Tom Hanks in 'Forest Gump' and forget immediately because apparently he didn't know why he kept running :P.

Let's try Jude Law in 'Cold Mountain' - walking miles and miles to get back to his Love. No questions asked. It was during the Civil War and he was a renegade soldier. So he had to stay away from both the 'Yankees' and 'Southerners'. Good enough reason to walk/trek back home.

Now, What about Shah Rukh Khan in 'My Name is Khan'. He was seen walking along deserted roads, deserts and some other very lonely stretches. Why did he have to walk - I often ask myself. Was he saving on cash? He was pretty well off when the journey began. Then, did he just feel like walking? Considering his aim was to spread the word that he was not a Terrorist,  I would think the faster you reach out to people, the faster you spread the message. May be KJo thought that the lonely walker image would give a push to some tear glands.(Sorry SRK fans - Nothing against SRK/MNIK, just quoting an example of misusing the 'lonely walker' motif)

Then there is 'The way back' - A few prisoners escape from a Siberian Prison during WW II and walk all the way to India. 4000 miles - Driven by the innate instinct to be 'Free', they walked through Frozen lakes, Forests, Mountains, Deserts, Communists and of course, the Himalayas. The true hero of the movie is the 'walk'. The characters play side kick to the great walk. At the end, the walk wins but not all the walkers win. There are no big surprises in the movie, but the 'walk' makes it a compelling watch.

Emile Hirsch  too did a lot of walking in 'Into the Wild'. He leaves no stone unturned in his aim of pitting himself against the harshest  nature. Walking was just a means to his end. Anyways, can't help saying this -  How amazing it would have been if Christopher McCandless had lived to tell the tale.

Recently, Zac Efron walked all the way from 'Colorado' to 'Louisiana' in 'The Lucky One', that too, with a dog. All that, to trace a girl, whose picture miraculously saved him during combat. But, the walk gets over quickly, under the cover of 'titles' .Apparently he walked 'cos he simply 'likes' walking.
Again, no hurry to find the girl he so desperately wants to meet?? So, he was made to walk, just to get some beautiful locales for the 'titles'?? Hmm...

Some of the 'Johhny Walker' ads does of good job of equating 'Walking' to 'progress' and they exhort  the human race to 'Keep Walking' with soulful music in the background and many of us comply immediately with a 'cheers' !!

Well, let's Keep walking..I guess it is good for the health - ours and the planet's :)

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